The Need for an Activist Cancer Prevention Policy in the Workplace: A Case-Study of Industrial Bladder Cancer

Howard Hu, Steven Markowitz


Anecdotal reports of several cases of bladder cancer among a group of workers with a history of exposure to known bladder carcinogens at a chemical company in Bound Brook, New Jersey prompted a short-term
study aimed at estimating the incidence of this disease. Refusal of the company to allow access to employment and exposure records effectively limited the authors' sources of data to records of employment maintained by the local union, medical documentation of bladder cancer In workers from the exposed group, public documents submitted by the company, and the workers themselves. Ten cases of bladder cancer arising
over a 10 year span (1970-1979) in an exposed population estimated at 250 to 400 people were confirmed, yielding an incidence of 250 to 400 cases per 100,000 people per year. This is 17 to 27 times greater than the incidence of bladder cancer in the general US population. The results are discussed within the limitations of the study. In addition, the authors briefly review the history of industrial bladder cancer, attempts
at primary prevention, and issues surrounding screening for bladder cancer in high risk populations.


bladder cancer; occupational cancer;



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