A Single-Hit Model of Embryonal Tumorigenesis

Louis Mandelbaum


A singl hit model for dominantly heritable tumor syn­ dromes Is presented. This model suggests that: 1) During emb ogenesis replication tential may nor­ mally restrict by Interaction of ll lin s ific maturation factors with a finite num r of su a r ptors of each ll of the appropriately match line. 2) In dominantly heritable multlfocal tumor prone con­ ditions, emb onic "rest" lls may result from chance Insu iciencies of functional cell su ace r ptors at the time of ak con ntration of the appropriate em­ b onic maturation factor. 3) Congenital unlf al non­ heritable emb onic "rests" could arise as a con quen of rare chance failure of a normal, yet fallible, system. 4) Emb onal dominantly h eritable tumors are of monoclonal derivation. 

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23861/EJBM1982181-84


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